About Us

Who is Today’s Exteriors and What Do We Stand For?

If there’s one question I’ve answered a gazillion times over the years it’s been, “what makes you special and why should I do business with you?”  I love it when I’m asked this question because my company is different — we’re locally owned, operated and I am involved in every project our company takes on.

Hi!  My name is Aaron Johnston, the owner of Today’s Exteriors, and for over 20 years this company has been my baby.  I personally supervise every job that comes through our company to ensure that you receive excellent customer support and quality installation.  That also means that you get the owner’s personal attention to your project and know who to contact in case questions arise.

Much like the three little bears, Today’s Exteriors isn’t too big, not to small but rather, just the right size.  You’re not dealing with a large corporation that is easily bogged down in red tape or has inflated prices to cover massive overhead.  You’re also not working with a company that is new or inexperienced or simply doesn’t have the staff to support the needs of your project. You’re working with a company that is just the right size to handle your roofing or home exterior project from start to finish.

Our prices are based on our lower overhead, but our installation is based on our vast knowledge of the roofing and home improvement industry.  We don’t plan to re-roof the world.  We just want to make sure that every job we do has the quality an premium customer services that makes both you and me proud.
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